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I am a Graphic Designer and Art Historian.I specialize in art direction, editorial design, and posters. I also have experience in CD design, illustration, motion graphics, web imaging, and editing multimedia products.
I was interested in graphic supports and visual language since before I was aware of it. The education and support of my parents, the experience that I acquired in my adolescence both in a printing press and in an advertising agency as a sorcerer's apprentice, sorry, designer; as well as studies and years of professional work, make me verify, day by day, that I dedicate myself to my passion.
Literature, architecture, art, education, history, cinema, gastronomy and flamenco —topics that I'm passionate about— are main characters of the projects in which I work.
I have worked for both publishers and independent projects in Spain and Mexico: RBA, Cátedra, El Flamenco Vive, Ediciones Era, Bonilla-Artigas, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Carlos Martín Ballester Collection, JBAHautor, Cineproyecto, Círculo Flamenco de Madrid, Habla con Eñe Publishers, New York Rey Juan Carlos I Foundation...

Whether it's a print or virtual reality, the challenge of my profession is to materialize the contents of the projects in the best way, to make them useful and give them their own attractive visual character. 

On this website you can see some of my work.
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